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History of GOK

The town culture centre in Sierakowice is the coordinator of the cultural activity on the area of Sierakowice Borough. Since the 1st of April, 1983, when it has been established with the decision of the National Council in Sierakowice. Unfortunately, at that moment, there was not a building in which it could be possible to lead such an activity. During the summer season the events were organized on the open air, in the Complex of Agriculture Schools, on football pitch, where our 48 square meter stage was placed. The beginnings were very difficult. People had to learn how to receive and understand such enterprises. The institution was tightly cooperating with the organizations and associations from the borough area and with schools, organizing shared parties and events. To these institutions belonged: The Society of The County Sierakowice Friends, The Society of the Students’ Friends, The Kashubian- Pomeranian Association, The Craftsmen and Merchants Association, Voluntary Fire Brigade


Not until the end of 1983, have we gained interiors from the former Veterinary Clinic and after thorough redecoration we were able to adapt it to the culture of Sierakowice needs.

The opening of GOK took place on the 22 of September, 1984. In the building, there started to appear and act the regular sections: the music section, the photography section, the computer section and the band of the accordionists. Moreover, there was established the Kashubian Theatre Ensemble “Bina” , sports- leisure section in the gym of the Primary School in Sierakowice and the Children Kashubian song and dance ensemble “Tuchlinskie Skrzaty” with the Primary School in Tuchlino.

Through the Sierakowice’s stage passed a lot of artists. The society had numerous opportunities  to see and admire different ensembles, bands and groups from different parts of Poland as well as groups from Italy, France, Bulgaria, China, Japan and so on and so forth. This all can be checked and reminded  by looking through the GOK’s chronicles and the video cassettes in our film archives. 


Our acting was focused on the Kashubians traditions, their cultivation and saving from oblivion. That is why in our cultural calendar, there were regular points such as Kashubian Midsummer’s Day, year by year on the same place and time, the Recitatory Competition ”Rodnô mowa”. The Competition of the Carolers Groups which from the year 1992 is the province event. Kashubian Culture Days (June), Kashubian Picnic, Noc pod gwiazdami (the night under the stars) (August), Harvest Festival (the 1st Septemeber’s Sunday) and finally, December 6th Gifts Day (The celebration of the ST. Nicholas Day).


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